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My name is Laz, owner and chief fitness operator of JNG Fitness. My ultimate mission as a trainer is to empower individuals to a healthier lifestyle. I work closely with the clients I train to ensure they move closer everyday to becoming the person they want to become and achieving their fitness goals. All of  my exercise programs are designed to meet your fitness goals!! I want you to enjoy exercise, not dread it!



           GROUP FITNESS




I provide services in the following areas:


* Resistance Training
* Sports Conditioning

* Sports Performance
* Weight Loss / Management

* Nutrition
* Functional Training 
* Group Fitness

* Calisthenics

* Senior Fitness 

* Youth Fitness

* Injury Rehab


Personal Training locations:

* Home

* Office
* Work
* Gym
* Studio
* Outdoors - Park, beach, etc...


The JNG Fitness boot camp incorporates strength training, cardio, flexibility, agility and core training to deliver the best possible workout. My boot camp is a group-based exercise program designed to burn fat, build muscle and get you in the BEST shape of your life, ALL while you have fun!

Our unique style boot camps delivers fun and exciting group dynamics to motivate you to fulfill your fitness goals. We incorporate lots of partner drills as well as team challenges which packs our boot camps with a ton of fun!!! Unlike other boot camps, we do NOT condone verbal abuse nor intimidation tactics to motivate / push you to your limits. Rather everyone participating will encourage and motivate one another to reach new levels of fitness as a team! 

~ My boot camps focus on the following areas:

*Fit Circuit (Full body workout)
*Power Core (Abs, obliques, core stabilization workouts)
*Power Legs (Quads, hamstrings, calves & glutes)
*Mobility / Flexibility (focus on static and dynamic stretching)
* Cardio (HIIT, conditioning & agility)


~ Camp locations vary:

* Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook (Culver City Stairs)
* Beach (Venice Beach area & Playa Del Rey)
* Various park locations in Mar Vista, Culver City and West L.A. 

Joseph - Kenyon Freshman Year!
Laz & Mia - Progress pic
Laz & Nuve!
Mia holding the trophy!
JNG - Back Pic
JNG - Gold's Gym pic
JNG Training pic 3
Laz - Battle rope routine!
Mia, flexing, age 7
Laz - Barwork _ Abs...
JNG Beach Boot Camp 4
JNG Beach Boot Camp 3
JNG - Gorte Fam Pic
JNG Beach Boot Camp 2


I have nearly 20 years of fitness industry experience. I have worked with hundreds of clients throughout my fitness career and have changed many lives. I have a son who plays collegiate football and a daughter who is also an athlete. As a family, we eat, breathe and live fitness and nutrition. That said I can help you fuel your mind and body with the right kind of nutrition and provide you with a fitness regimen that will have you feeling like a well-oiled machine regardless of age or fitness level! 


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It's obvious looking at Laz that he knows fitness inside and out. He tailored a workout routine for me and constantly adjusted it to improve my gains in cardio and muscle mass. The most important part of being a trainer is to give you the motivation to push past what you'd do if you were by yourself. Laz can motivate you like a true fitness coach! Another bonus is his knowledge of nutrition and how he's always stressing the importance of eating healthy. I saw better results in 4 months working with Laz than I did with a years gym membership simply because he got more out of me than I would myself -> Brendan O'Malley - Magazine Writer, Santa Monica, CA

Been training with Laz for 2 months now and I definitely see results. When I started I was completely out of shape and couldn't even finish the training session, but as we kept progressing I felt better and made progress. Laz will make every training a bit different, which is great for a guy like me who gets bored fast. We train either at a park and sometimes at a gym -> Saar Lobowski - Business Consultant, Santa Monica, CA 

Laz is an amazing trainer and body sculptor! He pushes you by being very motivational!! He keeps the training fun, interesting and challenging. He's also on point with his knowledge of fitness and health. Aside from being a great personal trainer, his boot camps are REALLY fun... He has the stamina of ten energizer bunnies! If you want to see real change, call Laz!!! -> Griselda De La Rosa - Educator, Los Angeles, CA

Laz is a great trainer as he's very motivational and patient with you. His training is fun and never monotonous! I've been thru several trainers in the past and he by far has provided me with the most sound nutritional advice / guidance which has helped me drop the weight, even that much more than the fitness aspect of it all. I can't speak enough on everything he's helped me accomplish! -> Shirley Flores - Real Estate Broker, Los Angeles, CA

Laz is an amazing trainer! More than just strength training, HIIT and sculpting he can lead you on a journey of change through food! He's provided me with amazing healthy dishes that still taste good and my kids will eat it too... But more importantly, he's flexible and able to work with your schedule to create the perfect tailored fitness plan. It's always new workouts - always challenging - and the proof is in the changes! Thanks so much for your help! ->Lana Negrete - Business Owner, Santa Monica, CA

Laz is superb!! His boot camps are absolutely amazing! He got us working really hard and had me working muscles I always miss or forget about. The group he put together was great and he was very encouraging without being too pushy or aggressive. 
I would highly recommend Laz as a trainer to anyone. -> Kieron Elliott Actor, CC, CA

Laz is an amazing trainer. He creates challenging, but fun workouts, tailor made just for you. He's extremely punctual for the training sessions. He provides meal plan tips and sound nutritional advice which was key to my weight loss success!! I trained with him twice a week for 6 months and I can honestly say I was much stronger and healthier by the end. I have referred several of my friends and colleagues to him. Thanks, Laz! -> Katrina Butts - Business Consultant, Inglewood, CA

Laz is a fantastic trainer! He always pushes me to go further than I think I can... because he knows my strength better than I do! He's a motivator and wants the best for his clients. He will work with you no matter how new or old you are to the workout world. He simply wants to see you succeed and transform, from the inside out! I HIGHLY recommend him as a trainer... By far one of the best! -> Tanya Padilla - Business Owner, Westchester, CA

I've always been a bit skeptical of trainers... That was, however, before I had the privilege to train under Laz, whom I now consider to be by far one of the best wellness coaches that anyone could imagine. He takes a personal interest in his client's well-being and is tireless in his pursuit of health and fitness.  I can recommend him without reservation to all. -> Lamont Hunt - Screen Writer, Marina Del Rey, CA

I’ve started and stopped so many training regimens I can barely keep track of them all! However, working out with Laz helped to adjust my mind as well as my body. I now have structure to my week.  I no longer dread exercising anymore because it’s no longer an intrusion; it’s incorporated into my life!! I've made it a part of my life and my week’s schedule.  Laz is inspiring and extremely supportive.  I recommend him highly!! -> Kelsea Gonzalez - Retired Attorney, West Los Angeles, CA



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