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Do BCAA's And Other Supplements Work??

The truth behind BCAA’s... Coming from someone who’s been training for the last 10 years and has used pretty much every useless supplement on the planet, I encourage you to instead use the money you would normally throw away on useless supplements and spend it on food!! You’ll find plenty of BCAA’s, creatine, whey and any other form of supplement in the very food you eat. I was duped and robbed by All Max for nearly six years - Spending around $70 per 5 lbs. tub of whey protein every three months on what was more than likely the same thing I could’ve gotten out of Nestle chocolate mix!!! Pretty much every supplement company out there is under fire ... If they’re not under investigation, they are being sued and most of the big name companies have been handed class action suits against them. People, I was one who was gung-ho during the infancy of my fitness transformation - I was taking whey, creatine, BCAA’s, natural sterol complex and a host of other useless garbage! I attribute my fitness success to my cooking - My overall nutrition intake. Also the fact that I stayed away from the typical garbage that will simply make your body look look awful and at the same time make you feel like crap

!! That said, keep it simple - Limit cardio to a couple of days, lift heavy weights and eat as much food as you can possibly consume. Rest, repeat and keep growing!! YES, that’s pretty much all it takes. Pretty easy isn’t it??? You’re very welcome!!!

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